Brett L. Scott brings a depth of insight that comes from his career of nearly three decades as a hands-on technologist. Having remained on the front lines of technology, Brett brings expertise in the now, but with a perspective of a rich history in the evolution of computing technology.

Brett has the ability to explain complex topics and issues in easy to understand the language that allows everyone to understand. He is asked to speak to the full range of audiences. From peers to managers, to C-level executives, to the general public, Brett is able to meet his audience on their level and help his audience understand all aspects of the designated topic. This set of skills is what drives the demand for Brett L. Scott to speak on a multitude of technology-related topics.

Some of the topics Brett is asked to speak about are;

Cyber Security

Software Design and Development

  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Designing Software for High Transaction Volumes
  • Emerging Technologies