Brett quickly developed a passion for the growing computer industry. Brett’s passion was stimulated by cool tricks and programs available in Byte magazine, and a birthday that correlated to many important events in computing/nerd history.

He has served as a hardware tech, a bulletin board sysop, a Network Technician, Programmer, DBA, a director-level manager, and System Architect.

Having the fortune to be born into an industry and having the advantage of growing up with computing technology, Brett has worn many hats, been there for many interesting events, and experienced some amazing things.

He started his career as a programmer, but has also been working as a strategic consultant, ranging from software optimization to enterprise systems design and technology infrastructure investment. Most of his positions have also required leadership skills.

Brett’s commitment to remaining skilled as a “hands-on” technologist has kept him on the front lines of the ongoing war against network and application security threats. Some of his clients are medical data companies, eCommerce companies, security-related organizations, and accounting systems. These clients are regularly attacked by serious and geographically distributed threats. These attacks are not general scans or simple “bots” but carefully orchestrated attacks by very intelligent teams of individuals. This “front line” experience and exposure have permitted me to gain experience defeating threats over a range that most have yet to encounter. Since Brett’s primary asset is my experience, he brings more to the table, builds better solutions, and offers better designs for secure computing and application environments.

As a technologist that “eats his own dog food”, he has developed very powerful and thoroughly tested tools that assist him with research, business continuity capabilities, transaction handling, broad API integration, rapid application development, and much more. One of Brett’s most powerful tools is his distributed Neural Computing Grid. More recently the industry has named it simply “Grid Computing”, his system has been operating from over 60 locations continuously since 1995. As someone who frequently reads published material relating to his work and interests in technology, Brett believes he offers an edge in neural computing grid systems design. Additionally, since he has such a mature system, it is already a very capable system out of the box. This strategic advantage allows him to perform functions today that most consider being only “future possibilities”. The current iteration of his NCG functions 24/7 as a security team, rapid incident response system, systems monitoring service, distributed robotic labor, eCommerce transaction processing platform, research analysis, and discovery platform, corporate intelligence platform, EDI communications platform, while robotically executing many more functions too numerous to list here.