Cyber Security BIO

Brett started his career as a programmer. With decades of experience from small business to global enterprises, his experience has always been hands-on and practical.

He co-founded The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range and the National Cyber Warfare Foundation. Two leading entities in cybersecurity started in the United States. His experience has been mostly in the private sector but he has experience fighting terrorism, sex trafficking, finding missing persons, and cyber warfare.

He brings an in-depth perspective on cybersecurity topics, and his broad base of experience is invaluable in helping others understand complex topics easily.

TD Synnex BIO

Brett L. Scott serves as a director-level executive at TD Synnex. In this role, he is responsible for accelerating the security expertise of TD Synnex partners and building security solutions for the TD Synnex partner ecosystem. Scott’s current project is the TD Synnex Cyber Range (TDCR). A multi-million-dollar effort, the TDCR is part of TD Synnex’s next-generation distributor strategy. The first TD Synnex Cyber Range is in Tempe, Arizona.

Brett is the co-founder of the National Cyber Warfare Foundation (NCWF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization leading the country in teaching hands-on cybersecurity skills in a real-world environment. The primary purpose of the NCWF and the TD Synnex Cyber Range is to develop real competence in cybersecurity. This is achieved through upskilling existing cybersecurity professionals and training new cybersecurity talent to address the massive and growing cybersecurity skills gap.

The TD Synnex Cyber Range combines the global influence of TD Synnex, its vendors and its large partner base, with the cutting-edge expertise of the National Cyber Warfare Foundation to make a measurable and significant difference in the many problems facing organizations today.

Brett holds a deep technical and hands-on experience, especially in cybersecurity, software design and development and secure network / communications. His career began professionally in 1987 and he remains hands-on, but he also has many years of experience leading technical teams. During his career, he has worked in many different industries and has a great deal of in-depth knowledge on cybersecurity issues facing companies today.

Technologist BIO

Brett is passionate about technology and its applications to our daily lives. He has worked for small businesses through global enterprise corporations. His knowledge and expertise offer unique insights and perspectives into technologies and the implications/advantages of their use.

Brett has always been a hands-on technologist and a smart early adopter. He is usually able to see the future of a specific technology and if it has staying power in the market. He also has been an enterprise level strategist/implementer for several decades. This in-depth experience offers efficiency, optimization, and ensure effectiveness.

Strategist BIO

Experience and long term perspective are significant advantages. However, technology changes quickly and Brett works diligently to stay on top. Brett has decades of experience as a lifetime technologist. He stays on top by working in the bleeding edge field of cybersecurity.

Brett has a long track record of seeing the future of technologies and methodologies. Generating billions of dollars of wealth. Entities that utilize his skills save money, accelerate time to market, and have long term staying power due to exceptional system design. His strategic vision offers investors/stockholders sustainability in their markets.

Hacker BIO

Good hackers don’t get caught. Brett’s passion for technology and programming quickly gained the notice of many other hackers in the world. In the world of hackers, Brett is original “old school”. With experience dating back to the 1990s.

Brett has been there while most of hacking history was made. He has in-depth practical skills in hacking. Combined with his continuing experience with The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range his practical knowledge continues.

Brett is highly vetted, has extensive experience working with governments, and is fully in tune with the minute by minute changing world of cyber warfare.

He will not be sharing his hacker names…