My name is Brett L. Scott, and I am a seasoned IT professional with many years of professional experience. During my career, I have remained “hands-on”. This has empowered me with extensive practical knowledge and experience with a broad understanding of the industry. My knowledge and experience are uncommon and a very valuable asset to my clients.

My years of professional IT experience in many different industries has given me a deep and thorough understanding of the many applications of technology. I offer excellent insight into emerging technologies grounded by unparalleled experience. Many organizations recognize my expertise as a rare and valuable asset.

My clients thrive as a result of excellent strategy, design, and execution. Several of my clients experienced substantial growth since I started with them. They enjoy unbelievable efficiency (dramatically lowering the typically fixed costs of operation), superior compliance with regulators and regulations well above industry standards, and this translates to a highly flexible and profitable company. All of their technical achievements have been completed with a small IT team.

Please take the time to explore my web site and discover the answers to any further questions you may have. If you have any additional questions, please e-mail me.

Brett L. Scott