Quick Profile

I grew up with computers. From my early childhood I pursued computers and programming My family owned a small business that was data intensive. Spending my after-school days and weekend working in the family business gave me a deep business understanding and knowledge base.

My career has been in many different industries. I am someone who understands technologies and can easily spot technologies with lasting impact. This has directed my efforts and allowed me to gain unparalleled experience. Much of my success has come from my knowledge both in technology and in business.

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Wealth Generation

Past 10 years


Lines of Production Code


Capable Cyber Warriors Developed

Primary Skills

Cybersecurity 85%

Leadership 90%

Software Architect 95%

Software Developer 80%

Hacker 85%

Blue Team 75%

Project Management 70%

Public Speaking 95%

offerings to my clients

Organizations hore me for me cybersecurity expertise, strategic consulting, software design and development, and public speaking / education.


Founder of the National Cyber War Foundation and The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, I live at the forefront of cybersecurity and cyberwarfare. I have skills in information warfare, hacking, cyber defense, and cyber threat intelligence..

Strategic Consulting

My multi-industry experience helps me to understand and predict movements in technology. I have a proven track record of helping organizations make the right strategic decisions and moves in technology that maximize returns on investment. My early years in small business helped me to develop a strong business knowledge that I couple with my deep technical knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results.

Software Design and Development

I have remained "hands-on" and technical. I have mastery of more than 40 programming languages. Having millions of lines of production code and several commercial products I developed from zero to revenue give me a distinct advantage when compared to my peers..


Myy experience in leading a multi-state non-profilt organization and direct management of teams small to large help me to grow team productivity and effectiveness. My string education background help me to transfer my knowledge to others which helps any organization that acquires my help.

Public Speaking

I give more than 200 speeches per year on a myriad of topics. I have zero fear of any size audience not their level of expertise in the topics I am speaking about. I have experience with in-person, media, and online presentation of topics, subjects, and materials.


My many years as a "Red Teamer" enable me to use my adversarial mindset skills to bring more ideas to any discussion or effort. My string technical skills help me to assess and understand the strengths and weaknesses of any technology, enterprise, and network.