Total Integration

Companies typically grow organically. Efforts to add integration and automation are typically limited in scope. Thus results are less than optimal.

The most successful companies make use of technology and integration to deliver exceptional results. As business environments become more competitive, total integration is essential to continued viability and profitability.

One of my areas of expertise is automation and seamless system integration. All businesses strive for optimum efficiency. I have a proven record of designing and delivering totally integrated systems. This means all aspects of a company’s operations are seamlessly integrated. Where possible, this total integration uses automation o ensure optimal quality and efficiency. For your employees, this represents a significant improvement in work quality of life. It also includes validations and automated audits to reduce defects.

My most recent example is a healthcare 2.0 company that specializes in web-based sales. I took the company from 5 million in annual sales to well over 40 million. Their defect rate went from 18% down to less than 1%. Since they are an eCommerce company, one of their significant cost centers is related to credit card fraud. This company has a credit card charge-back rate of less than 2% and a fraud rate of less than half a percent. To read more about the amazing results of this project please click here.

The process

My team and I will learn about your company and its operations by spending time observing all aspects of your company’s operations. Then we will design and complete design template for your company’s operations. Seeking the maximum return on investment, systems are designed/adjusted to meet the purposes of total integration/ Where possible, automation is added to relieve your staff’s mundane efforts and to decrease cycle times.