Strategic Consulting

As a seasoned professional with decades of experience.  The depth of my experience is difficult to measure.  Having been on the “front lines” of technology and software development for all of that time, I have a very good eye for trends, technologies with “stay power”, and methodologies that really work.    As someone with broad experience in communicating and translating between management and IT staff, I am able to easily solve “IT generation gap” issues.

The diversity of my background across many different industries gives me a powerful insight into techniques for solving complex problems from a unique and proven perspective. The nature of my experience at the enterprise level with many different “organizational personalities” empowers me to be effective in my analysis, designs, and recommendations.

In short, my background brings a unique combination of knowledge assets that sets me apart from most strategic consultants. Since my knowledge is gained from direct experience, my solutions are more practical, profitable, and attainable than are those from those with less depth of experience.

Most of the work I have done has been via direct reports at the VP level or higher. I am frequently asked to present to investors, shareholders, and large clients on behalf of my clients. I have managed teams from 3 to 75 people.

Additionally, I possess several unique tools that aid in my research, document development, and presentations. These tools have been developed and utilized repeatedly since 1995.

My connections within the greater IT, investment, and design communities allow me to draw from a tremendous base of talented professionals to meet nearly every business need.