Software Development

I am a seasoned software developer with professional experience since 1987.  I was an early participant in the Internet revolution and still hold dear to my heart the original values of this wonderful tool for business.  As an early member of the Internet development community, I was assigned my own Port number. Subsequently, I have been issued a few other port numbers.

In every emerging market there is a rush, a collapse, and then from the ashes begins a vastly larger series of industries.  Having been there before and during the rush, I know where many mistakes were made.  The success of business ideas is based on a good concept, good design, and excellent value to clients.  The same is true for our Internet.  The time to build your business on the Internet is now.

Possessing exceptional software/network creation and development skills, cultivated a long and diverse career in the field. I offer my expertise as a candidate for a position within your organization. Skilled in all aspects of IT development from concept to implementation, I possess the talents you seek to direct your company toward success.

During the course of my career, I worked typically for large companies or start-ups as a consultant, improving existing systems and developing new products, software packages, and networks to achieve any number of desired results. I recently completed a Neural computing project for Wells Fargo Bank that was picked up as a strategic initiative and has been fast-tracked.  I was hired by a site manager to solve several production problems.  My charter was to perform a comprehensive business process analysis, recommend solutions, design an integrated solutions platform, train the employees, and implement the technology. The project was completed within 4 months and significant gains were made in cost savings, productivity, and work quality.  The project ROI was less than 1 month from the date of implementation. In another recent position with Six Sigma Qualtec, Inc., I reported directly to the Vice President in designing 6.Net, an expert system serving as a vertical portal operating as an ASP service and utilized by some of the world’s largest companies to enhance performance, reduce costs, provide accountability, and act as a publishing platform for local project managers.  This product serves as an expert system to the Six Sigma industry and participants.

     “Brett is the equivalent of a small development team.  His strong business and technical knowledge are a rare combination in this industry.” Ruth Woody – a Phoenix-based technical recruiter

In similar positions, I have:

  • Developed a comprehensive high volume eCommerce system specialized for the medical/pharmaceutical industry including dynamic / multiple storefronts, complete with customer service and fulfillment backend interfaces, automated interfacing with FedEx and offsite distribution centers, financial reporting, automated order processing and evaluation, stop-loss systems, comprehensive order evaluation involving over 100 business rules, offsite email distribution via ExactTarget, and a real-time credit card processing system.  It is the fastest in the industry and outperforms most eCommerce websites.
  • Authored several systems with a global rollout of 500 to 8,000 users (over 525K registered users served).
  • Developed or enhanced the security, random drug testing, and victim notification systems for a prison management software package for the governments of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Created a commercially available document/project management system for the Six Sigma industry.  This software is an “Expert System”.
  • Redeveloped an end-to-end financial services software suite to operate and manage a stored value credit card company operating on the Visa™ network.
  • Developed a Neural/Grid computing pilot project for Wells Fargo Banking that was picked up as a strategic initiative of the bank. While introducing my skills, this brief letter merely highlights some of my more significant contributions.  I hope that you take the time to explore my web site and discover the answers to the questions you may have.

As a function of my client and personal needs, I have been continuously operating LAN/WAN infrastructures and commercial software applications as an application services provider and as a large volume transaction gateway.

My software development and database design experience are my primary skill-sets. Since the start of my career, I have been developing enterprise level applications focusing on totally integrated functionality. The majority of my clients today are start-ups seeking to build software that serves and scales correctly from the ground up, commercial software companies, companies seeking to develop commercial software, or research and development operations. I offer expertise in business analysis, software design, software development, project management, and team training / mentoring.

The software systems I design/build are focused on helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. Using automation, total integration, best practices, and appropriate application of technology I have helped companies and their staffs reach incredible heights in profitability, efficiency, and scalability.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail me